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When you lay your penis in the crack of someones ass stimulating a taco. It can be a hard shell or a soft shell depending on the person.
guy 1: Yea dude me and ur mom were making some penis tacos last night
guy 2: Eww man that's my mom ur talking about
guy 1: they were hard tacos
guy 2: ahhhhhhh!!!
by DuRt April 19, 2013
Abbreviated version of the Korean slang term, "Gam-doong-hee", which described a person of African descent. Carries a negative connotation.
"Yo, was it the white guy?"
"Nih, it was the Gam!"
by Durt November 14, 2006
The sex position in which the male is laying on his back and the female sits on his stomach. Her feet are on his feet working them like petals while simultaneously working his dick like a manual shifter. The male has the option to then use her breasts as a steering wheel.
Hoe: "I'm thinking we ride the dick shift tonight."
Guy: "sounds great! Let's go through a hilly landscape? There's a lot more shifting and turning involved."
Hoe: "I get tired of shifting and you gonna stretch out my boobs!"
Guy: "you wanna fight bitch!"
by DuRt October 13, 2014
A rapidly spreading virus that may or may not take over the Xbox population and everyone is pissed off.

Symptoms include:
A. Invasion of privacy
B. Stalkers
C. Over heating

D. Modders
Your Xbox is prone to commit suicide so try your best not to hold it out a window for it may try to "slip" and be abliterated on the ground below.
Guy 1: "Let's play some games tonight!"
Guy 2: " I would but my Xbox caught Xbola and it sorta jumped out the window if you know what I mean"
Guy 2: " Oh right I'm sorry for your loss"
Guy 1: " fuck it"
by DuRt February 17, 2015
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