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adj : used of organisms (especially of different species) living together but not necessarily in a relationship beneficial to each
Small mites living on your skin, eating dead skin cells would be an example of a symbiotic relationship.
by Diana Stephens February 14, 2005
19 8
The best Horde Guild on Destromath LF Ranged DPS
Wow, that mage Fireangelx in Symbiotic sure does alot of dps

Gee, that guild Symbiotic sure knows how to destroy Halion
by Bad News Bears Has Bad Mages August 29, 2010
8 8
The hardest rocking, hardest partying best band in Croydon, S.London.

See also more cowbell, symbioticzone.co.uk
Symbiotic are on stage, they rock hard!
by Sorcerus February 25, 2004
6 11