A famous video game system created by Nintendo. With an all-star line-up of 1st party titles, and a relative lack of 3rd party support, the GameCube was not a popular platform of economic competition, earning it a reputation synonymous communism.
The GameCube is mostly famous for its first party line-up; Metroid, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario, and the Legend of Zelda, among others.
by aka_Pyro May 12, 2008
The only console with first party titles that don't suck, for example: Metroid Prime 1 & 2, Mario Sunshine, and Zelda.
Also has many great games that were realesed for multiple platforms, such as Viewtiful Joe and Resident Evil.
Also, it has a small form factor making it great to bring on a trip! Plus it doesn't over heat!

NOTE: A first party title is a title developed and published by the company that makes the hardware (in this case Nintendo, which makes the Gamecube). Halo is not a first party title as it was created, designed, and programed by Bungie. Microsoft (the creators of X-Box) only bought the rights to Halo ! & 2 and was not actually involved in the creative process. The only good games for PS2 are either fighters or made by Capcom, a company which makes lots of fighters.

NOTE 2: The network adapter is not for going online. If you read carefully enough, you would see it said LAN, or local area network, adapter. This is the smae as playing Halo on system link. Not actually on the internet, just on a network. This feature is used in games such as Mario Kart: Double Dash and Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 & 2.
Guy1: OH schnap! It's Metroid Prime!
Guy2: Pshh, HL2 ripoff!
Nintendork: Metroid was made in teh 80's nub, long before half-life!
Guy2:I am shamed!
by DesZebre February 08, 2005
Nintendo's first system to use discs. Released in 2001, it was to compete with PS2 and Xbox. Today, many a good games come on it, but gets royally dissed for being "TeH KiDdIe!!" by gay PS2 and Xbox fanboys.
- I love my Gamecube

- PS2 Fanboy: "OMG! Gamecube is TeH KiDdIe!!"

*I walk away to let him wallow in his misjudgement and faboyism*
by Justin H. April 09, 2005
The Nintendo GameCube is a console in every way superior to it's competitors the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

The GameCube was known for it's cube shape and handle.
It was known as "The purple lunchbox".

The GameCube had better titles then its competitors PlayStation 2 and Xbox, such as; Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Soul Calibur 2 (Had Link), Super Smash Bros Melee, Geist, Wario World, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest and Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2.

The GameCube also had won the last console war.
And was famed for having the best controller ever bulit.
*Xbox Fanboy* "Well, the Xbox is better because of dah grafix"

*Gamer* The GameCube has graphics just as good or just below it but it really comes down to the games and that is where the GameCube owns the Ps2 and Xbox.

*Xbox Fanboy* I..... I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU ANYMOAR!!!

*PlayStation 2 Fanboy* The Ps2 has MOAR GAMES!!!!!

*Gamer* But it also has more shovel-ware games.
The GameCube has quality over quantity, less trash and more great games.

by BellaKazza December 21, 2010
A good game system dissed by many ps2 and x-box users which is usually equal in FUN. Sure it looks like a kiddie system... but you would have to be a retard to make fun of someone cause he has a game cube. Let me in give u a secret... game cube is more lasting than ps-2 and x-box combine. Wat i mean is that game cube can survive more than other consoles.
Wat is there to explain...
by Jason X November 13, 2004
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