The GameCube is a video game console by Nintendo which was released in 2002 in Europe.
The system is acclaimed for having some of the best first-party titles ever produced on the system such as Smash Bros. Melee, The Wind Waker, Metroid Prime and others.

The controller is very easy to use, light and doesn't hurt your hands after an hour or two. It's very good for playing games with, therefore, it does its purpose. The system itself is a GAMES console, not a multimedia centre for anything, right?

GameCube architecture lives on in the Wii since all that is is an overclocked GameCube, and has other fun games and such.

Xbox fanboys, being the idiots they are, are totally loyal to Microsoft and bash the GameCube even though they've never played on it. Let's leave them to die of controller-holding-related pain, eh?
GameCube gamers are those that care about the game software rather than multimedia.
by Cammygirl192 January 28, 2016
Greatest games console. Mocked by wussy teens that listen to emo crap and play playstation.

Fact: Playstation was going to be a CD addon for the SNES, but Nintendo decided that it was bullshit, and Sony went solo. Therefore, playstation owes its existance to Nintendo.

Fact 2: Gamecube has the best graphics out of any system, look at Rouge Leader for chrissakes. Also made the sholder button, d-pad, reliable camera(used in Super Mario 64 and Zelda OoT), and comfy controllers. The gamecube is the epitome of human game design.
PS2 Fan: ooh, teh PZ2 is teh bezt!!!111eleven!!! game cube suxxxx !!!11!!1!!

Sane person: Nintendo created playstation, it was a SNES addon.

PS2 fan: ......

Sane Person: seems as though all your PS2 rotted your brain. Oh well.
by Millenstein April 25, 2006
Another term for rape. Used in the Bro Rape Video.
Marc- Hey Jessica you wanna come over and play some Gamecube? I hope you don't mind me taking my pants off.

Jessica- ok, that sounds fun, I'll be there in 10 minutes
by Skalabola March 17, 2007
slang for weed when talking around parents or teachers
"playing GameCube" means smoking pot
Me: Hey Tim are you ready to play some GameCube tomorrow?

Tim: Wtf? Neither of us has a GameCube

Me: Duh it means smoke pot

Tim: Oh hellz ya I'm ready
by Abe Parson February 25, 2011
The underdog of the next-gen console trio. Unfortunately, most of the Gamecube's plights are Nintendo's own fault.
Dude: Do you have a PS2 or an Xbox?
Me: No... Gamecube.
Dude: What?! Gamecube sucks!
Me: Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before. -_-
by ddt March 04, 2005
In Fable, although the game is developed by Big Blue Box and this is obviously a reference to the company that made the game, there is a legend about the first man choosing which world his people would live in. He had a choice between a large blue box, and a small red box. Believing the latter represented the sun, he chose the large blue cube. The gods, knowing the true differences between the two, revealed that the red box had only enough room for all the good in the world, and the blue box had room for all the good and the evil, and that the man had damned his people to life as we knew it in the dark ages. My point is, GameCube was a big blue box, full of some good things (Resident Evil 4, Zelda, Mario, SSBM...), but over stuffed with horrible things (i.e. Barbie Games, Generic Japanese Anime RPGs).
disenfranchisedgamerboy1: Man, I wish Nintendo had taken the small red box approach--I mean, the GameCube could have better represented Nintendo as something small, red, and boxy-- so I wouldn't accidentally make friends with those other gamers who play Xbox and PS2 and end up spending money on those systems.

disenfranchisedgamerboy2: Totally, dude.
by aka_Pyro April 01, 2007
A system that had potential but failed due to not including DVD playback, Using mini dvds, and not fully supporting online play, having games mostly aimed for kids (pre-teens and below), and no direct sequel to Super Mario 64. Also the controller was too small, further proof of its true target aduience (kids)
Fly, Game Cube, Fly, you're not ready...

by A Gorilla August 02, 2006
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