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Gay + Amber = Gamber

much easier than amber is gay
dude: dude, is amber gay?
dude2: you mean Gamber?
by I Speak The Truth February 08, 2005
Gamber is the embodyment of the county. It is mostly farm land, has one elementry school, one fire station, no post office, and two convienience stores with attached gas stations. Most people on there way from the outskirts of Westminster to work in Baltimore don't even notice it on their way in. They only know it by the green town sign on th side of Rt. 32. If you ask them where it is they will somwhere near Rt. 91 and Rt. 32. The kids of this small town have nothing much to do so they have parties in the feilds and barn of the old farm house on Klee Mill Rd. After high school many move on to college or jail or the job force. The college bound ones usualy go to schools in the mountains or ones that are in the middle of nowhere and nobody knows about, just like there home town.
Typical Gamber High School Students.

John: hey Jeff what u want to do?
Jeff: i dont know you?
John: i dont know.
Jeff: hey, want to raid my dads booze cabinet?
John Hells yeah i do!
by G. I. Joe January 05, 2007
the area below a females waist usually used in sexual terms.
"did you see her gamber today"
"hell yeah that shit was hot!"

"i just grabbed a hand full of her gamber"
by exus July 10, 2008
1. "Gay Amber" used to describe a young lady in my high school whose sexuality is often questioned.
Oh Shit! It's Gamber! LOL!
by HahaThatShitIsMoney February 08, 2005
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