A middleground of saying someone 'has balls' and 'has the gall' to do something.
Noun: galls; used when one is reputed for doing risky things
Adjective: gallsy; used when one is doing something risky
"Man, he has galls to have done all that"

"She's gallsy to be doing that"
by gino_j14 April 14, 2008
Top Definition
1. Audacity
2. (Slang) Balls.
I can't believe Kevin had the gall to put on that Jack Johnson cd. What a faggot.
by Deeeznuts April 09, 2007
A fat man's bollocks.
She had such a massive gunt that she could only pull a man with a gock and galls.
by Munter Hunter April 18, 2006
Yo we need to get some Gall tonight!
by SecaDoRa April 25, 2010

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