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Anatomical term describing the grossly distended area of abdomen below the belly button and above the base of the scrotum sac.
"He wanted me to suck him off but his massive gock got in the way."
"Herman had tremendous problems finding pants to accomodate his enormous gock."
by guntstar March 25, 2005
200 80
Male gunt
Look at the gock on that guy
by anonymous September 03, 2002
110 42
Bulging area found on men between the waist and the genital area. Term is rerived from "cock" and "gut"

Fatty Arbuckle has a HUGE gock!
by anonymous July 18, 2003
73 34
Gut over the cock area
by anonymous May 08, 2003
48 29
The bermunda triangle of gut lard that causes the cock to simply disappear without a trace.
I am a male and i know that I had a cock.. but following 15 years of marriage and 103,037 burgers it just vanished...became like the gut...a gock so to speak!
by vidal007 February 02, 2011
26 14
Gut, above cock.

Typically a result of a lot of beer drinking.
Dude, did you see that guys gock? he looks pregnant.

by guinn11 July 10, 2008
20 12
Gut - Cock. A fat man's crotch area.
Look at that fat man and his glorious Gock! I can't believe he has an easy time urinating. His Gock must be a human cheese factory.
by Hulkkkkkk May 26, 2006
32 25