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Whiteyville usa
where in the 2000 census it was 98.28% white
The only non white people they ever see is on TV
and they do love to remember the good old days back in 85' when they beat youngstown cardinal mooney 6-0 in state football championships..24 years later nothing monumental has happened
where can I go to hang with my fellow white man?
go to Galion of course
by bishopbrownaroundtown September 13, 2009
Known by surrounding cities for it's high rate of stoners.
If you ain't dealin', you smokin'. And if you ain't smokin', you're a Republican. Often referred to as "G-town."

Most people here are here because they are stuck.
Joey: "Babe, let's run away. Fuck highschool, I hate Galion!"
Kelsey: "Joey you so foolish, we got a baby on the way!"
by ton-ton09 March 09, 2009
one of many small, unknown towns in ohio. (possibly THE smallest and most unknown)
known for nothing other than corn. and mullets. and toothless people.

local lore: many years ago, the high school football team was damn good. some old timers have fantastic stories about the year they won the championship. since then, all they do is cry.

dave: where you from man?
mike: galion.
dave: where the hell is that?
mike: yes.
by mike-loves-ohio June 20, 2008
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