A Gal is someone who is a great friend. She is very crazy but so fun to be around. A Gal usually has long brown curly hair and is very tall. She loves to run around and look stupid, but she doesnt care what people think. Thats what makes her an amazing, one of a kind person. She does odd things like drink bacon flavored soda and runs down the halls with her hands in the air. A Gal will make you laugh even if your really sad. A Gal usually has the nickname Gali, or Galoosh, or Galikens. Everyone needs to be friends with a Gal.
Gal(on the phone with mom) "Hey mom, dont get mad at me..but..umm im bringing home a fish."
Mom "Whatt??? What are you doing with a fish!!"
Gal "I won it at a fair!!"
Mom "Oh My Gallii gosh!"
by Myfriendsareawesome October 17, 2011
Although normally used as another name for a girl, it is also a name. A Gal is a beautiful, talented, extremely smart girl who has a load of friends. Her best friend may not live close by, but she's always there. Everyone loves her!! <3
"Gal is so sexy, isn't she, Leo?" "She is! Go ask her out, Jesse! We all know you love Gal." "Doesn't everyone love Gal? I just love her more."
by CamillaLaquisha April 25, 2010
"Get A Life"

Phrase used by insecure xenophobes as a response to someone with different hobbies, interests or attitudes to themselves. These people often think they have a lot of friends, but usually nobody really cares for them.
Nick: I don't want to hang out with my friends! Leave me alone with my P.C

Mary: GAL Nick. Be social!
by korineto April 08, 2010
An extremely Handsome creature known to be very competitive but very smart. A gal influences everyone around themselves and always does things for the better.
We need a Gal to win this game
by JohnnyTalksAlot June 05, 2010
another way of saying "get a life"
"So when are you going to play that game again"?
"gal and stop playing it"
by sharmota February 23, 2010
When used in a sentence to describe a female generally means, heavy.
"But she's a nice Gal!" She is overweight, but otherwise really nice..
by Melvin G February 22, 2010
abbreviation of "giggle a little" or "grinned a little"
When talking to a friend online and a comment comes up that is not hilarious but funny, you say "gal" instead of "lol" because you didn't actually laugh.

A: *lame joke*

B: gal

A: what girl?

B: lol okay now you're just dumb
by kuhspringroll January 16, 2011

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