A backflip while moving forward, usually done off of one foot while running
a gainer is all about getting the balls to do it, its really not that hard.
by blazed December 09, 2004
Top Definition
A person who, usually due to the sexual stimulation he/she obtains from it, intentionally gains weight.
Man, Bill must be a gainer; he's put on 20 pounds in the last month!
by B December 01, 2004
A running reverse backflip that can be done off a springboard or a platform. Many people can't do them due to the mental block of going upside down, but they really aren't that hard.
Yo did you see him pull that gainer of that 30 foot platform?
by Sklarbabies January 04, 2006
Gainer is slang for the diving trick reverse. The category number is 300. For Example, a reverse flip (usually the term for gainer) is 302, and reverse double would be 304. A reverve is done when walking forward with a full approach, and not running. Many inexperienced divers run on the board, and could very easily slip. Gainer 2 and a half, 305, pike is the dive Greg Lougains hit his head on in the Olympics.
My personal favorite dive is a 304 tuck, which is a reverse double, but I like to call it, "gainer double."
by alex February 22, 2005
a tricking move that is a one footed back flip.
mate i wish i could gainer- please be my friend.
by gD-bint April 25, 2007
A hard dick that smells like laundry detergent
Guy: hey baby
Girl: hi there! You smell nice
Guy: must be my gainer
by cultRECKLESS June 12, 2012
One having sex with a nanny, or babysitter in austin
Dude, its been 10 years since I did a Gainer!!
by arieslion August 28, 2010
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