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7 definitions by Dickie

crap piece of car. can be found in the mechanics garage or junk yard
Like a Rock?

Rocks sink
by dickie February 07, 2004
552 404
to be more than fantastic almost to the point of wanting to spooge all over you or someone nearest to you.
damn that bitch is cuntastic.
by dickie September 19, 2003
41 29
Opposite of no shit. Used when someone says something that wasn't obvious.
"My dog weighs 54 pounds"
"Yeah shit"
The person could have also said "really? i didn't know that" but this is where yeah shit comes into play.
by dickie January 31, 2004
5 2
A common dice game wich routinely turns into a sexual fairy tale. Most often found in Michigan and other midwest states.
Yankee Tider and his wife are going to get lucky tonight. They plan on playing bunkorgy.
by Dickie September 24, 2004
1 2
Indestructable; Being one with such power as to be untouchable
Diikiey is l33t
by Dickie May 16, 2003
3 4
an exclamation of digust, commonly used if you lose a point in badminton
7-love, Gah!
by Dickie June 30, 2004
8 16
A super hot girl who loves to party. Major part of the d3 clan.
"She dances on tables at every party. She's a total Dickie"
by Dickie April 04, 2005
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