A relatively large amount of a powder substance, usually cocaine, that when inhaled will give the inhaler a choking sensation due particulate matter irritating air passages in the troat and lungs;
"God damn, god damn! I almost fuckin' puked off that gagger I just ripped! But I'm geeked of my ass now so its all good."
by Big Z August 15, 2004
Top Definition
A massive line that goes straight down your throat and causes you to gag.
'let's toot a fat gagger.'
by cool kid September 28, 2003
An unusually large penis that would gag a woman.
She refused to suck his dick because it was a gagger.
by Bobalino January 02, 2005
a chic that likes to suck on dick, ultimately gagging with dick in her mouth
Man 1: This gagger gave me the best blow job last night, she swallowed my whole cock.
#gagger #slut #ganga #lowie #whore #hoe #bitch #hooker
by ash00 September 23, 2009
A hot wiener.
I went to the joint and ordered two gaggers.
#food #hot wiener #hot dog #gagger #wienie
by zombie_girl_xxx April 19, 2011
Someone (typically a woman) who strongly desires sex, is extremely horny, and appears to be willing to engage in fellatio.

When one encounters a drunken slut in a bar and you have to describe her to a mate, "she's a gagger".

or, "she's gaggin' for it".
#gaggin' #gagger #gag #gagging #gager
by derhammer November 05, 2006
When you lick your finger with saliva and apply it to another person's upper lip, forcing them to gag.
"O did you just give me a gagger!?!?"


"That STINKS! i think I'm gonna gag!"
#gag #lick #saliva #nice #smelly
by pat denny April 15, 2009
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