a lipper, a dip of chewing tobacco, chaw.
wanna gagger?
was that a rhetorical question
by D.LAuf June 22, 2005
When you lick your finger with saliva and apply it to another person's upper lip, forcing them to gag.
"O did you just give me a gagger!?!?"


"That STINKS! i think I'm gonna gag!"
by pat denny April 15, 2009
Any heavy-duty pool pump used to empty swimming pools for skateboarding. The huge stream of filthy water spewing out of the end of the hose reminds skateboarders of past sexual exploits.
We had the Grand Inn pool emptied in one night with the gagger, but we only skated one hour before the cops busted us.
by rockum' bockum' December 03, 2006
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