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When you lick your finger with saliva and apply it to another person's upper lip, forcing them to gag.
"O did you just give me a gagger!?!?"


"That STINKS! i think I'm gonna gag!"
by pat denny April 15, 2009
A massive line that goes straight down your throat and causes you to gag.
'let's toot a fat gagger.'
by cool kid September 28, 2003
An unusually large penis that would gag a woman.
She refused to suck his dick because it was a gagger.
by Bobalino January 02, 2005
A relatively large amount of a powder substance, usually cocaine, that when inhaled will give the inhaler a choking sensation due particulate matter irritating air passages in the troat and lungs;
"God damn, god damn! I almost fuckin' puked off that gagger I just ripped! But I'm geeked of my ass now so its all good."
by Big Z August 15, 2004
a chic that likes to suck on dick, ultimately gagging with dick in her mouth
Man 1: This gagger gave me the best blow job last night, she swallowed my whole cock.
by ash00 September 23, 2009
A hot wiener.
I went to the joint and ordered two gaggers.
by zombie_girl_xxx April 19, 2011
Someone (typically a woman) who strongly desires sex, is extremely horny, and appears to be willing to engage in fellatio.

When one encounters a drunken slut in a bar and you have to describe her to a mate, "she's a gagger".

or, "she's gaggin' for it".
by derhammer November 05, 2006