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A half man/half horse that often is seen carrying a football in one arm and is often confused with the centaur.
The Clinton High School Gallopin' Gaels beat the piss out of the Nashoba Regional High School Cheiftains in a blowout football game friday night.
by Shaughnessy October 10, 2006
A Celt from Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. Descendant of the ancient Gallaeci Celts of Galicia, N.W. Spain and N. Portugal.
A Goidelic (Q-CELTIC) Celt.
The Irish, Scots and Manxs are all Gaels.
by GalaicoWarrior September 03, 2007
One of the Celtic people of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. Or anybody living in the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man, and the west of Ireland that speaks one of the Gaelic languages: Gaeilge (Irish), Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic), and Gaelg (Manx Gaelic).
Tha na Gàidhlean gu bhith air falbh. Tha sinn 'nar beagchuid 'nar dùthaich fhèin. O, mallaich na Sasannaich air dèanamh seo thugainn! Mallaich na Frangaich air dèanamh seo gu na Ceiltich na Breatainn Bheag!

Tha 'n teine nam Ceilteach 'marbhadh, mar sin nan t-Sìthiche...

(The Gaels are almost gone. We are minorities in our own countries. O, curse the English for doing this to us! Curse the French for doing this to the Celts of Brittany!

The fire of the Celts is dying, like that of the Elves...)
by Lorelili March 28, 2005
The only person that matters to me, The person i love more than anyone i know or have known.

...the reason i live
GaelGaelGaelGaelGaelGaelGaelGaelGael yes yes yes yea
by jon January 02, 2005
"Gwyddel", meaning 'raider', was initially the name given to the Scots of Dalriada by the Brythonic (Old Welsh) speaking tribes when they were expanding their kingdom into in Strathclyde . As stated in the Declaration of Arbroath, "The Britons they first drove out". "Gwyddel" (Old Welsh), "Gaidheal" (Scots Gaelic) and later Anglicised into Gael.
Scot and Gael were synonymous until the 15th century.
by IslandHopper February 07, 2008
A baguette made on a rock island. Often called a princess by her people.
That dude is such a Gaël
by FriendlyBro August 06, 2016
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