Cum sperm when shot on the floor you might need a mop to clean it up cause bella ant doing it
i let him shoot his gack on the wall not me cause i am bella
by Jukebox January 21, 2008
Where I come from, Gack always refered to the residue left over from smoking bongs or buckets.

Gack was scraped out of the cone or the bucket 'head' and ususally chucked in an ashtray. However, those on the dole and rather skanky used to smoke this gack by wiping it on a rizla.

They were known as gack heads. Nasty.
"Duuuude, take a lug on this..."
"Err, no fanx - it's full of gack!"
by Powdermonkey May 24, 2006
A noun used to insult anyone that looks, talks, or acts like a dork.
OMG, don't let Stewart come with us tonight, that dude is a fucking gack.
by Richard Huang November 06, 2004
v. - to steal, snatch, grab, or otherwise take something into one's possession
I was thirsty, so I gacked a Coke from his fridge.

If you like the ring, gack it when the clerk turns around.
by BlackArthur January 02, 2004
Methamphetamine. Used to describe the gag reflex which can be triggered by the extreme burning sensation of the nasal passages and bitter taste of meth when snorted.
Ever seen the movie, "The Salton Sea"? There's a character called Poo-Bear who snorted so much gack that the doctors had to cut off his nose.
by grandpa July 13, 2003
To discharge some kind of fluid from the mouth, either phlegm, mucus or vomit.
I had a coughing fit and gacked out a lunger the size of my hand.
by amno February 13, 2003
Used to describe female pyhsique. Particularly her stomach and breasts. When a female's stomach sticks out further then her breasts. aka (When her gut sticks out further then her rack)
She's got a Gack
When her gut sticks out further then her rack.
by Rob K July 24, 2006
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