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verb, a slang term used to describe someone who through excessive force unintentionally breaks something.
You gabled my favorite toy.
by B.G.H. September 14, 2005
23 19
The oracle of awesomeness. Word used to describe something that on a scale of cool rated 1-10, gable would rate an 11...
That Lamborghini is totally gable.
by Chuck Norriss October 24, 2007
49 30
Clark Gable one of the greatest actors of all time.
Rhett Butler in gone with the wind
by Emmi July 29, 2004
48 30
The best name ever.
His name is Gable. That is so cool.
by rayallen12 April 27, 2012
9 4
The two seater table in the corner at your local fastfood joint...
"Check out those two sitting at the gable, don't look now- but one of 'em is looking our way!"
by Chester Choda April 08, 2003
17 26
a small terd that appears alone on a sidewalk.
Look out dude you almost stepped in that Gable.
by korbkd May 24, 2008
14 35