Top Definition
Kicking your only soccer goal when your mom ain't lookin
Jeff was gabeing last week, much to the shock of everyone
by Auggie July 26, 2004
Drunken projectile vomiting, with no regard of who/what it gets all over.
Brad drank so heavily, he started Gabe-ing all over the back of Kim's dress.
by yellamejella February 03, 2010
The act of insetual groping of ones own teet for personal gratification.
"Quit gabeing yourself and get back to shaving your mom's back."
by Traemasterflash August 12, 2005
to act like little john
bob gabed so much saying "yeah!" that he was soon beaten to death because of it
by some asian kid September 20, 2004
to claim your "innet dohn werk"
gabe gabed so much during class we had to make fun of him
by some asian kid September 20, 2004
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