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Also known as a gangsta fly, it is actually a bandana of any style being attached to clothing, guns, brass knucks, and even worn on the head. Typically addorns gangster attire.
Dude, check out my 9, I got it on the g-fly.
by hollywoodhorror January 16, 2009
Another term for crack cocaine. When someone is flying on the gfly, they mean they are currently high.

This term was inspired by the Jesse McCartney song "Leavin'" where he says gfly, just to rhyme with previous lyrics. No one is sure what he meant by gfly, so people make up definitions to make him look like a terrible person.
"Girl we flying on the gfly, gfly"
by Jordan Bee September 18, 2008
A gay word that stands for Gay Fly which is also the name of Jesse mcartny's jet plan. he likes to have all his gay friends over on it, while give them blowjobs he gets fucked in the ass while violently jizzing on another ones face
"i saw Jesse walking into the ironworks gay bar last night i also seen him walk out with all his newfound friends shouting out lets ride the G fly over France tonight!"
by werdooooo September 05, 2008
a truly hood word that means:
tends to be used in the cool gangsta hood music that the junk in my trunk can get krunk to
When two girls who love cheese saw I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With for the first time they yelled out "WE ARE ON THE G-FLY right now!"
by Bob(MR HOTTNESS) March 18, 2008
Part of Jesse McCartney's new gay song.
"Why don't you tell him that I'm leavin'Never to come back again You've found somebody who does it better than he can
No more making you cry No more the gray skies
Girl we flyin' on the G-fly, G- fly"
by Mlfdliahflahsflahsflahsf March 27, 2008
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