When your girl is on her laptop, like they always are, looking at the gossip pages or whatever, you walk up infront of where she has her laptop, pull out your nutz and hang them over the top of her screen and say FUZZY DICE. They resemble fuzzy dice in the rear view mirror of a car only her laptop screen is the rear view and your nutz are the fuzzy dice.
My Girlfriend was on her laptop last night looking at people.com and I walked over like nothing and pulled out my nutz and hung them over the top of her screen and yelled "FUZZY DICE!!!"
#fuzzy nutz #fuzzy ballz #fuzzy sack #fuzzy scrote #fuzzy love sack
by Craig Kenneth December 27, 2006
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1. A pair of dice made of plush, fur, or other kinds of soft fuzzy cloth, that people back in the 50's and 60's popularly hung from the rear view mirrors in their cars. I have no idea why the hell those things were so popular, but I do know that many people still hang them in their cars even today.
2. The male testicles(balls, nuts, bollocks, family jewels, whatever else you can call them).
Nick D (UrbanDictionary's favorite resident pimp) and one of his most favorite ladies are out shopping at the automobile hardware store for some 24's when she comes across a pair of fuzzy dice on a small shelf.

Nick's woman: Hey Nicky baby, don't you think these pink fuzzy dice would look cute in the car?
Nick D: I've already got a pair of fuzzy dice that you and the other hoe's can roll and play with all you want. Bitch.
by Mark H September 28, 2004
Pimp dice. They come in many colors like black, blue, and pink. These mean you are a true pimp
Damn you got some gansta ass fuzzy dice yo!
#damn #pimp #grillz #awsome #ghetto #only the best for your car #valvoline
by DizzyLizzy January 13, 2007
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