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A verb meaning "To make unstable or crash-prone". Often used in place of the verb "fixed".

Gateway fuxed your computer again?
by Tahitian Bob April 09, 2003
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When someone tries to fix something but ends up making it worse.

A combination of fixed and fucked.
My neighbour tried to help me get my car to go faster but now it won't start. He fuxed it.
by MoonRabbit July 16, 2011
Describes an encode that's fucked up due to an error in the muxing process.
Dood, my Grave of the Fireflies rip got fuxed, all the dialogue's in Comic Sans!
by grlubb May 08, 2007
The act of Un-fucking (fixing) something that may or may not have been fucked up by yourself.
"Its ok, I fuxed it."
by DK1 February 09, 2005

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