A less vulgar way to say "fuck"
Fux you!
You dumb fuxxors!
by NF14 June 05, 2006
Fux ( fu-cks) - A word you can substitute in for the word fuck and not get in as much trouble by your mommy,daddy, teacher boss etc.
1: Mom what the fux up with this nasty food!?

2: Dad you being an ass and not letting me go anywhere really fux up my night.

3: (to your boss) What the fux up with all this manditory overtime and no extra pay?
by kpayne February 01, 2010
To be extraordinarily amazing or awesome. To pwn. To be frikkin sweet.
The new Mayday Parade cd totally fux.
by phatty13 April 22, 2008
When you fix something really half-assed cuz you're too lazy to fix it right.
Nagging Wife: "Hunny, did you fix that light fixture?"
Husband: "No but I fuxed it."
by Paddyboo November 22, 2005
to fux with; Michael.
i fux wit dis track

Michael Fux.
by agentchav October 13, 2010
Two people fucking in the asshole until brown shit appears on the end. This will hurt as the male ravages the other male.
Mike did you fux mark? Ya his shit was all over the place!
by Dan Dionis April 23, 2010
every "good" type of word. ex. great, awesome, ect...
that is so fux

your shirt is so fux
by deff_maybe May 27, 2009

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