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someone who is so gay they are flamming!
he's as camp as a row of tents!
by Micky June 05, 2003
gay anal poop sex
morgan laraque has the gaps
by micky March 19, 2004
It is not as nasty thing said to close a conversation but another way to say ok.
I totaly cant get over how wild you are......fair enough
by micky April 23, 2005
polite conversation; interact with another person
I really wasn't in the mood to schmee-schmaw with Tony last night.
by Micky June 02, 2003

Describes one who is an imbecile
Joe was an imbecillous fuck.
by Micky December 25, 2003
When ur mom is chasing u with a frying pan and ur shoutin!!
What the FUX r u doing BIATCH get that shit away from me
by micky January 25, 2004
the king of all
" micky is GOD"
by micky March 19, 2004

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