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polite, er... less vulgar way of saying motherfucker
Futhermucking bon of a sitch!
by alternity April 10, 2003
It's a funny way for saying "Mother fucker". Also a way to say mother fucker when it's not appropriate to say it.
"Those futher mucks robbed me!"
by Jay June 02, 2004
1) What certain people refer to President Bush as while in the presence of the elderly, in a classroom or professional setting, or in front of their Southern Baptist parents.

2) Something to say instead of "motherfucker" when one rips of one's toenail, is repeatedly stuck in one's testicles, or experiences similar levels of pain and agony in the above situations.
1) "That coke-sniffing futhermucker is going to get us all killed trying to get his oil."

2) "...Futhermucker!"
by Know It All March 30, 2004
another term of the word mother fucker
if you nailed your mother your probably a futher mucker
by anonymous guest March 03, 2008
How to say Mother Fucker in front of children you don't want learning "Adult" language.
Futher Mucker, that hurt! (after hitting your thumb for the up-tenith time while hammering nails)
by slavens (slave-ens) November 03, 2005
When an individual afflicted with diarrhea has their anus tickled with a feather.
"Dude you were in the bathroom all day yesterday- feeling any better?"

"Not really, but if I'm lucky maybe my girl will give me a rad futher mucker tonight!"
by Zombiebucket October 17, 2009
Another way to say mother fucker. for the youngsters to say without geting into too much trouble with the fam.
"Get out of my room futher mucker!"
by Longitude August 09, 2007

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