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3 definitions by Caoimhin

n. Used to describe any hateful comment or action against furs.

He called me a furfag, thats fursecution!
by Caoimhin June 16, 2008
n. An anthropomorphic animal that has a basic human body structure (stands upright, arms, legs, hands, ect.). Typically funny animals are considered a separate thing as they are used almost solely for humour only and are not portrayed as either serious beings, plausible, or science fiction/fantasy creatures. There is still a fine line between the two definitions.
Those otters with human-like arms and legs in that drawing are furries.
by Caoimhin June 16, 2008
n. Members of the furry fandom. Often confused with furries.
Those artists at that table are furs.
by Caoimhin June 16, 2008