When a bunny, a cat, and a bird have a wild night from WAY too many drinks, like WAY WAY too many drinks, seriously TOO MANY DRINKS, in fact, they had so many drinks that all the little animals in bar morph together to create a Furby.
My poor cat is now a furby.
by Pik Spore June 18, 2011
Someone who lives in FurbyLand.
Also defined as a spy or so...
"Did you see that furby pass by?"
"Ahh... the magical place of FurbyLand..."
by FurbyFreeLand June 16, 2004
One who is regarded as a special buddy or sidekick. Similar to the relationship a child has with a Furby doll.
Brian is the teacher's Furby.
by Taylor Anderson June 15, 2003
Vagina and area in close proximity.
Gareth gave Emily's Furby a good play last night, she kept vibrating and wouldn't stop talking.
by Gareth Way December 21, 2013
A Furby is a girl who much like the toys, is adorable and excessively cute- HOWEVER she has bad shaving habits resulting in what resembles a Furby toy siting in her lap.
Dude 1- Dude, you know Lindsey, the brunette in our morning class?
Dude 2- Yeah you mean the really cute one?
Dude 1- Yeah man, I was going to smash the hell out of her until she dropped her panties and I realized she was a Furby. I got the hell out of there.
by In.The.AM October 18, 2013
Sent from the depths of hell to torment the human populace. Only good for putting in microwaves so they explode.
Holy Shaft! that furby kaboomed!
by Into Eternity90689706 February 24, 2009
(1)n. {fuhr-bee} A furry, electronic toy shaped in the form of a hairball.

"Where did you get that black and white furby? I have seen one since like 1998!"

(2)n. {fuhr-bee} A word used to indicate complete sincerity or point out that you are not joking.
A: "You did not!"

B: "I did. Furby."
by stuckinthecubicle January 09, 2014

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