A 6-inch electronic toy, monster to some, nuisance to most. Mostly purchased with the intention of dismantling or smashing into bits.
My Furby got all jammed up, and made this nasty burning smell, so I threw it in the trash compactor.
by Gamex July 07, 2003
An amazingly scary robotic-type toy for children. It reacts to certain sounds such as "Hello Furby," "Wake up, Furby," and "Good job!" It sings barely-audible songs, does strange little dances that look more like spasms, and screeched when you tickle it. They are made in a viriety of colors, but they all have the same over-sized black eyes and yellow beak.
Jack: Hey! Wanna play with my new Furby?

by Alice Emge December 04, 2005
Affectionate nickname for a Skoda Fabia, also a small electronic creature which can come in different colours and sizes and gives small children nightmares
Underated Car, Evil fluffbag
by KrazyKim May 30, 2005
a small, annoying, fur-covered dreature that used to be a popular toy with children. The main reason people buy furbies nowadays is to destroy them with a group of pals. Furbies are demonic little bastards that deserve to die. Seriously, furbies are satanic and they should all be smashed with a sledgehammer.
Common methods of killing furbies include microwaving them, dousing them in gasoline and setting them on fire, holding matches under the circutboard to fry the circuts and make he furby make a sound similar to a copy machine, running them over with SUVs, smashing them with sledgehammers, drilling them, blowing them up with firecrackers, bashing them against brick walls, pissing on them, putting them on railroad tracks, bitch-slapping them, feeding them to hungry cats and dissolving them in muriatic acid.

I personally recommend putting them in microwaves.
by Mr. Stiffy October 01, 2007
some sort of electronic cross between a penguin and a guiney pig covered in fur. often given to children, resulting in backfire upon giver, causing it to be thrown out a window. an absolute cheap piece of shit that's annoying as hell. furbys can be 'taught' words...you can also 'pet' them by touching a sensor on their back, and blind them by putting you hand over thier light sensor. coloring your furby with markers was common to younger kids to 'make them prettier', others prefered to cut their hair or step on them (similar to dressing a barbie doll vs. ripping its head off). also sometimes used as in insult to people.
This furby is pissing me off, it won't shut up!
She's such a furby!
by Frankenstein2 November 22, 2006
(n) a person that is looked at in a negative perspective. i.e. annoying, stupid, mean, etc.
George, you're such a furby! Way to take my seat!
by Ledyssus December 01, 2007
furby are these evil little thingys that scare the piss out of me. 2 nite (if u have 1 in ur room) they stare at u w/ big round eyes untill u eiter scream, or go insane.
(they also dont neeed batteries)
jon: "my furby was staring at me all nite long and soon i couldnt take it so i hadda scream"
buddy: "oh dude, that sux"
by punice October 07, 2007

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