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Furry Fetishists, People who like to wear animal costumes for sexual purposes. People who get turned on sexually by Team Mascots and other walkaround costumes. Conversely People who get turned on by wearing such costumes.

Playboy Bunnies are a variation of furby bait.

People who become sexually aroused by their partner animalized through costuming and behaviors or vice versa.

a Furbathon, a party with other Furbies resulting in an orgy
I think That Woody (the woodpecker mascot) really has a woodie, he's a total furby!

Yeah, I'm a Furby, I run to the bathroom when I see Chip N Dale, those big eyes and giant fur butts ! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Awesome Furbathon this weekend, a purple poodle girl was in a 3some with a Pony and a Teddy Bear and I got some great head from 2 chickens! But when the pink bunny, 3 cats, the blue puppy and the Gorilla stared Masfurbating in a row the party was on!!!
by rubyoil June 10, 2011

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