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A 9 millimeter pistol,refering to the diamater of the bottom of the round,common pistol among thugs,criminals,and various forms of street life
Had to pull out my 9 milli and blast that blue jay
by Wolven March 28, 2003
To be horny,
named after the description of a male's penis to be "on fire" when in need of a sexual fix.
Alf: Damn I got me a case of the Cock-Fire, come over here and fix that.
Sarah: Roger.
by Wolven December 27, 2005
code word for an immature/ignorant black person, used among white folk so they don't get their asses beat.
"Look at that furby over there, dancin' around all African style like it ain't no thang."
by Wolven October 22, 2005
fast form of to
Change outta dem cloze in ta sometin sexia
by Wolven March 28, 2003
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