You're drunk, and you meet Lafawnduh. You decide to go down on her and her vagina is hairy. You eat it anyways. You just had a furburger, eating, sucking, licking, slobbing on a hairy vagina.
Lafawnda had a major furburger, i'm still finding hair in my teeth.
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005
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A particularly furry snatch which covers such a wide area of the body it resembles a hairy nappy. If left untrimmed the furburger can crawl up the belly, grow wings on either side, and reach around to 'meet' the anal fluff.
On removal of her panties I thought I had found a trapped creature of the wild, a badger perhaps, but on closer inspection I realised this girl was in fact the proud owner of an overgrown furburger.
by fur-bur-gur August 07, 2003
A womens vagina.
i ate her fur burger last night
by dude October 19, 2003
Slang for the female pubic region, usually in relation to cunnilingus.
Roscoe had to hit the Listerine after a particularly long bout of munching his girlfriend's fur burger.
by Seymour August 09, 2002
A woman's hairy vagina.
I would like to order one furburger... Hold the labium.
by Anonymous November 06, 2002
Word used in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle by NPH.
It is the womans vagina
NPH: Ya im craving some burgers.....fur burgers.
by PJ Russo April 21, 2005
Female Genitalia (unshaven)
Yeah I've been craving burgers, too. Fur Burgers! Let's go pick up some trim at the strip club!
by Neil Patrick Harris March 07, 2005

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