fun to order at the drive thru on a busy night when your friend is working the window
friend: welcome to jack in the crack, can I take your order?
you, loudly: uh. yeah. I'd like a Fur burger,an order of thighs,and a hotcherry bendover!
friend,to theirself: ah jeez! I'm gonna kill that S.O.B.
by jerjer February 14, 2006
when 2 lesbians have sex and rubs their pussies together
man thats a fine looking bunch of lesbos id like to be the meat in their fur burger
by My Biznat Is The Shiznat January 12, 2003
A Fur Burger is the vaginal region of a Woman. Jamie and Sarah have only burgers. Their fur has been SHAVED ALL OFF!!! Fur is DISGUSTING.
Once she got a razor, that fur burger wasn't furry anymore.
by S. Woo January 23, 2005
usually two women together, rubbing snatches. But I have heard it in the singular.
Ma'am, could I please have a Furburger with a side of THIGHS. Yum Yummmmm
by Chest June 16, 2003
When u get the muches and ure surrounded by chicks, its time to go get so downunder. (refer to harold and kumar go to white castle.)
Niel patcrik harris "dude screw white castle hamburgers. lets go get real humburgers. fur burger."
by your mom February 17, 2005
The way Nelly pronounces "Fear Beer Gear."
It's gettin hot in furburger.
by Andy March 16, 2004
a condensed area with sprouting out of control hair growth which covers the moose knuckle.
hey whore " shave that furburger before i dip in the hotdog.
by jake goldberg November 20, 2003

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