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A woman's vagina. Generally used when describing the act of oral sex on a woman.
I was going down on this chick last night and damn she had a nasty ass fur burger.
by twizzle June 15, 2006
A very furry part of the female body often resembling a member of ZZ Top.
one day while browsing through pornographic videos I stumbled upon a video with the owner of a furburger. at first glance I thought it was a video of a ZZ Top reunion tour
by Micheal Jackson June 30, 2004
Furburger or Fur Burger: A hairy pussy, when it is being licked and eaten or otherwise used as a delicious snack, by an appreciative partner.
Last night, my new Chinese girlfriend let me eat her fragrant furburger for over an hour before she begged me to screw her. When I was deep inside I kissed her and she said, "You smell like furburger!" "The best I've ever eaten, my dear", I said, as I filled her love hole with my secret-sauce. "A little mayo can enhance even the best furburger, my love", I gasped. "Especially a tight, juicy one like yours!".
by U.S. Sinophile Expat August 21, 2007
girl with a really fucking furry pussy
guy:when i go down on you have better have that fur burger gone, BITCH.
by phat sack February 08, 2006
Yeah its from Harold and Kumar go to WhiteCastle

its reall a very very hair pussy... aka the "fur" part of it
The quote is really "Dude yeah im hungry for burgers, FUR BURGERS!"
by Nick April 05, 2005
A Fur-Burger is a very extraordinarily hairy reproductive organ.
Says friend #1:I went to Gena's house last night and didn't get lucky...
Says friend #2: Oh really you didn't score any snatch?
Says friend #1:No she had a Fur-Burger, The only thing I Scored was a hairball.
by Proser June 26, 2007
A womans vaginal area that has basically never been trimmed since she hit puberty.
Her fur burger scrapped Johns cock to a bloody pulp.
by AgainstFurBurgersInc. February 08, 2003