The name of and untrimmed/unkept hairy vagina.
He went down on her and discovered that she had fur burger.
by DoctorDawg July 20, 2010
Slang for pussy. Popularized in the movie: Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
"Screw hamburgers i want some fur bugers"
"Damn, shes got a nice fur burger."
by Luca Signorelli February 20, 2007
Your mom
No seriously, your mom has a wonderful furburger!
by BeaverDono February 20, 2010
Furburgers are another term for a woman's vagina and the man's never ending hunt for it
"Hey Ryan You Up For Some Take-Out"?
"Yeah Dude Lets Go Get Some Furburgers"
by Young Cchat 30 June 04, 2008
A juicy and delicious part of the female body located below the navel and directly above the taint. Usually served warm with a generous portion of thighs.
Billy got lucky with Sally the other night. He ordered a fur burger and a bucket of thighs and ate the whole thing.
by Silly Bill February 10, 2010
A random fluff of cat fur or anything that appears in fuzzy balls on the floor.
I was sweeping the floor and found my cat's furburgers all over the place.
At night before we mop the floor, we sweep up all the furburgers left behind.
by jennifer lupez March 24, 2014
Hairy Pussy
Jamie: Your bitch is sexy fam! Did you hit that yet?

Rick: Yeah man.

Jamie: I bet you bowcat her.

Rick: Nah, thats you! I don't munch on the fur burger!
by Broadsword April 23, 2009

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