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a person that acts so retarded that theyre really fun to be around
Sam: last night was crazy I cant believe Bill streaked naked again...

Ann: Yeah hes so funtarded. I love it
by supadupa987 June 28, 2011
A combination of the words 'fun' and 'retarded'. Used to describe something that is blatantly retarded, yet fun at the same time.
Throwing stuff at each other is really funtarded.
by MAango November 01, 2003
A person who is mentally retarded and tends to make jokes that demonstrate their retardation.
Funtarded person: What if you gave birth to poop?
Normal person: You're retarded.
Funtarded person: I'm funtarded.
Normal person:

Funtarded person: You know who's cute?
Normal person: Who.
Funtarded person: Justin Bieber!
Normal person: ...
Funtarded person: I wanna pee on his face.
by funtardation April 20, 2010

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