Funt is that wonderfully soft area above the cunt that I love to kiss.......and knead.........and play with!
my lovers wonderful soft and kissable FUNT!
by Mr. Lovelace January 24, 2004
The one and only TRUE definition of funt: n; air escaping from the vagina; i.e. cunt fart
"Ewww what was that?" "Sorry, I funted."
by gary October 06, 2003
a kick, usu. in form 'in the hole', ie up the arse.
I gave all these people who don't seem to know what funt means a funt in the hole.
by Puisin September 03, 2003
where a lady's fat meets her cunt
that woman has quite a large funt
by jonetha June 26, 2005
When a male had no penis or cack but just a ball sac and a stubbler where the penis once was
The boys stubble in his funt region was the greatest ever
by Matt Mancini June 21, 2004
fat above the cunt
she has major funt!!!!!!!!
by linda lovelace January 23, 2004
A cunt with a fishy smell or look to it, sometimes with a fish sticking out of it.
*pulls down pants* OH DEAR GOD YOU HAVE A FUNT!

Oh...your funt tastes way better than anyone elses.
by SiRgReEnLeAf December 01, 2003

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