Funt's origins came from the two well known words, fuck and cunt. It is an easier way of saying 'fucking cunt'.
1. insult - you guys are funts!

2. in anger - argh, funt this shit.

3. shocked - what the funt!!!

4. replacing the word person - where did those funts go?

5. sex - man that was some good funt last night!
by <3 atd-i December 06, 2005
The first of the super hybrid swear words. A combination of the words fucking and cunt, together forming the most powerful 4 letter word ever invented.
"I can't believe John ruined the party last night. That guy is a funt if I ever lade eyes on one.
by Pichael Mimlott January 07, 2011
A funny person.
Haley Merlino? The one from Lenape High school? Yeah , she's a funt.

You my dear friend , are a funt.
by Funts December 11, 2010
A Fucking Cunt; a female who is being more than annoying
Hey Helen... Stop being such a FUNT!!!!!
by DaRock August 07, 2006
A funt is a very hairy cunt as in a womans Vagina, it usually has a very bad odour
Oh man I want to get inside her greasy funt, I bet it'd taste like chowder and vomit with a touch of paprika!
by Flasmo The Nate May 12, 2006
People who: are hoers, steel, destroy others' property, do drugs, think they are hot but are not, never clean, and have anger issues.
Marie is a funt. That funt took all my nice stuff. The funt knows what she did.
by fish1234 January 12, 2008
fat cunt

when an obese woman still wears her pants halfway up her belly so that there's a huge bulge in the front of her pants and you can't tell whether it's her stomach or what it is. basically when a fat woman is wearing tight clothes and that whole region just becomes ambiguous; kind of like a cankle.
You will have a funt when you are old and fat.
by to_the_sun November 29, 2007

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