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A mixture of "Fucking" and "Cunt"

The use of the word "Funt", should only be used in the harshest regards and should be used to cause the utmost offense to the reciever at hand.
"Oi you, get tae fuck ya wee Funt!"
by Scoots94 December 19, 2011
A shortened way to say "funny vagina"
Can be used both as an insult or a compliment depending on the context.
LOL! who knew you where such a funt! love you!


by pixelzombie July 29, 2010
"FUNT" is a word mostly used with all capital letters. It is to be used as a one word reply to a Facebook status which which whinges about pointless stuff or is depressive, sad, or lame!
Kim Smith has had a really stressful day.

Sam Bromley: FUNT!
by Razorriot July 17, 2010
when your bitch farts out of her cunt while you are affectionately licking her vagina.
"Did you really just funt in my mouth?"
by DMESH April 10, 2014
The sound a woman emits while sitting on the toilet urinating and also expels body gas at the same time.
She sat sleepy eyed on the toilet and pissed and unexpectedly funted at the same time.
by billk1937 June 10, 2012
A short way of saying someone is a funny (see you next tuesday).

Someone who is a jerk but is funny also.
You sure are a shady funt.
by discospeed March 21, 2012
A girl who is a dirty whore
That girl is a funt
by mike the dog March 05, 2009