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Funt is another word for cunt only spelt wrong.
Rachael, do you shave your funt?
by milly November 07, 2004
A funt is the very essence of unattractiveness. However, this wilderbeast would also have a weight problem. Therefore, fat + munt = FUNT. It is shouted at overweight, ugly girls in an attempt to make them realise how awful they look. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT
Hahaha have you seen that bird? Total FUNT
by Esteban De La Sex Face June 04, 2010
When someone does not only portray fucker like qualities but is also a cunt.
I can't believe you did this to me you fucker, you cunt, you funt!!!
by Mandee Lou March 06, 2008
an amalgamation of Fucking Cunt. FUNT has a sort of whimsical sound to it as it rolls off your tongue... to be used in conjunction with SLORE (FUNT SLORE or SLORE FUNT)
That Funt
by xxcookiexx January 20, 2011
fucking cunt
"you funt you spilt my milkshake!"
by meffren532 January 12, 2009
compound form of "fugly" and "cunt" . and meaning of when you see a girl or guy and they were a ugly root . you would say "they were a funt"
Tim: fuck look there's my ex man she ugly
girl: Hi Tim
Tim: Go away you Funt
by macattack1289 May 04, 2011
a fat cunt
bitch 1: your fat
bitch 2:well your a funt
by eva&alina January 08, 2011
A shortened way to say "funny vagina"
Can be used both as an insult or a compliment depending on the context.
LOL! who knew you where such a funt! love you!


by pixelzombie July 29, 2010