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Counterfeit or fake money.
by Maguire September 22, 2003
Small denomination (usually one dollar, more if you're big pimpin') bills that are used for tipping at a strip club.
Needles brought $1000 in funny money to Vegas.
by rickoshea September 24, 2003
false money, especially counterfeit money
I have no need for that funny money.
by Light Joker June 03, 2005
Not having enough currency as you portray to have.
When you go out to a club or a party and you expect the price to be 12 dollars but it cost 18 to get in and you have to ask a friend to borrow it. You have funny money.
by Joe Dollaz March 15, 2009
Fake cash/counterfeit money


Extortionate prices that you laugh at
Uh Oh... That guy gave my funny money for my car.

What!? $600 for a freaking mirror?
by Edward McPherson July 04, 2007