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6 definitions by Maguire

A drug dealer.
The CandyMan comes to the ghetto every other tuesday in Detroit.
by Maguire September 01, 2003
Dangerously addictive HBO show about the sexual adventures of 4 middle aged Manhattan whores.
I wish I had HBO so I could wack off to those NYC sex loving bitches every Sunday.
by Maguire September 04, 2003
Counterfeit or fake money.
by Maguire September 22, 2003
a stolen item.
Jim's dvd player is hot b/c he didnt fucking pay for it.
by maguire August 31, 2003
$10.00 worth of a narcotic.
Jimmy suprised me with a dime bag of coke last week.
by Maguire September 01, 2003
Someone who sucks dick for cocaine.

Sandy needed more coke so she sucked the candyman's dick.
by Maguire September 09, 2003