The act of doing coke - to 'funnel' it up your nose
"Yo I just funneled six lines"
"I just picked up, lets go funnel"
#snort #cocain #drugs #coke #funnel
by Jally Mary Jane Aard February 12, 2008
A device connected to a hose that is used to carry ones urine from the inside, to the outside of my dad's garage.
"Look out man, I gotta use the funnel."

"Don't forget to flush."
by chig June 15, 2004
To gradually contort other's beliefs and gently lead them into your line of logic.
This article makes no sense, the author's trying to funnel me in again!!!
by fishmonger July 28, 2005
A metaphor for how a sales organizations churns through leads.

initial lead -> cold call -> qualified lead -> money deal

At each step, more potential customers get weeded out. Hence, the funnel.
There will be no sales to close if we never feed the funnel.
by vanilla g-lotto December 20, 2004
the opposie of pear someone with much larger upper body than lower body, may have turkey legs
sam you are such a funnel, your leg remind me of a turkey
by don May 31, 2004
Common for System Administrators to use the word funnel as a Firewall/Tunnel
Yo setup that IPSEC Funnel
by Lord Vega March 05, 2004
Anything that is concertedly negative in circumstance or predicted outcome.
Aw dood! Having to play shows in Louisiana is a total funnel!
by Wrath January 05, 2003
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