Funnel or Funneling is an expression also used in the world wide popular MMORPG "World of Warcraft". The consept of the word was invented (as story is beeing told) by Exellia and Ljungfrau on the pvp server Vashj. The best place to preform a funnel is in the Draenei city "Exodar". To do this you need a mage, simply for the ability they have to make portals. What you do is create a portal behind the place where you will end up if you take the portal. Line up as many people as possible. Run towards the portal click it and you will end up where you started. Do this rapidly over and over again. It's hillarious.
"zomg lulz let's go to exodar and funnel"
by hixcie May 29, 2008
Funnel means to be having fun while under an influence; Alchohol, Marijuana ect. This use of the word is derived from the act of funneling a beer. The original term was used primarily for intoxication via alchohol, but the word has since then been changed to primarily refer to intoxication caused by Marijuana. Intoxication by way of Alchohol is now known as Original Funnel, to respect the origins of the word.

Noun: lets go get funnel, guys.
Adjective: I'm so Funnel right now
by SchmidtB April 21, 2008
the better frat on burrill ave, not to be mistaken with sigma chi
college student #1: I heard the funnel was getting a keg tonight
college student #2: Great, i spent my last 5 bucks on kentacohut, i guess ill have to use laundry quarters again
by jim March 08, 2005

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