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A person stuck in the past
a person who still has an afro
by kaleigh November 26, 2003
A person who lacks some of the qualities of a "fucker" but exhibits many of the same traits.
"He's such a funker for being late all the time!"
by stupefyg2003 March 30, 2006
Someone who displays less than banterful qualities, to the extent where their personality threatens your own banter through causing clinical depression.
You are a funker, for the sake of my health we shouldn't be friends.
by opposite of a funker May 03, 2010
a hick; trailer park trash
That new kid from Texas is such a hicktown funker.
by chipmunks42 February 25, 2007
A guy called Dalj or collin, who sucks peoples farts all day long and then has a wank!
That dude over there has been sucking guffs all day and now he's having a five knuckel shuffel .... what a funker!
by kepy seema September 23, 2003
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