an abbreviation used in online console gamer tags that stands for Fuck You Niggers
kills- 5001
by Hot Dad64 September 17, 2009
when ur having sex with a boi....really, theres NOTHIN as much as fun as that...
Me: Hey, take off ur clothes and lets have some FUN!

Tommy: sure!

(gets into bed naked)
by SUM1 November 10, 2003
F is for fucking, which we do together
U is for you and mee
N is for NEwhere and NEtime at all
When we're in the bed fu-ckiiiiiiiiing!
F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium!.... bombs
N is for no surviiiiiiiivors!
When you slaughter, kill, an maim thiiiiings!
by Link October 16, 2003
F.U.N. is an abbreviation of Fuck You Nigga. It was invented by rapcore/hardcore band Boxcutter.
someone black: what?
someone other: F.U.N.
by Wangstah November 15, 2006
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