Slang for doing something full bore, regardless of negative consequence
That dude quit cigarettes full metal jacket!
by politicalspazz October 21, 2008
A Hardcore Rap group Formed by Stikman from The Legendary NJHC band Fury Of Five, and Boxcutter, along with the members of underground rap metal group Hoodbully, Tommy Hardcore & Mike King. They have invented a new genre of music they call "Pit Rap" Music that Has a hardcore rap groove and people can mosh to. Look for their Facebook page and first single "Fuck Hip Hop" coming VERY soon!!!
Yo you hear that new Full Metal Jacket? Them boys go hard!!!
by Tommy Hardcore August 29, 2011
That white boy loves wearing his full metal jacket.
by SBM_069 June 02, 2004

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