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When a Police Car is used as a prop or scarecrow to dissuade crime
Target opened a new store in the ghetto and had so many robberies they had to put a Five-O Crow in the parking lot.
by politicalspazz December 12, 2008
The mom and pop drugstores of yesteryear continue to be buffeted by the winds of change. First marginalized by the giant chain pharmacies in the 90s, they are now threatened from below with a new type of reverse-gentrification.

The Thugstore: A storefront or store, on the neglected fringes of old suburbia, typically occupying a vacant corner drugstore, which supplies gangsters with urban clothing, bling, gold teeth, tatoos, and body piercings.
"Hon, I have to run down to the thugstore to pick up a half gallon of ether for our crack soup. Do you need anything?"
by politicalspazz June 25, 2009
Akin to the French-borrowed “Touché”. Conceding a point to an opponent in an argument in spite of his underlying douchebaggitude.
"Even though I've never beaten you at Scrabble, I totally dominate you at Candy Ass Swiper!"

by PoliticalSpazz February 21, 2014
Slang for doing something full bore, regardless of negative consequence
That dude quit cigarettes full metal jacket!
by politicalspazz October 21, 2008

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