Word I made up. It doesn't mean anything.. yet.
what the fuffle?
by foggy October 30, 2003
Top Definition
A fuffle is an artful fake, an artifact specifically made to fool, beguile, seduce, or intimidate people into paying for it.
What do you call a bunch of liar loans packaged into toxic assets and placed on the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve as collateral for rescue loans? The Fed is buying fuffle.
by jfreon March 23, 2009
n.a small piece of fluff or other unidentifiable furry or puffy particle.
also see Furd
"Mischka, did you just eat a fuffle?
by matthew lombardo December 08, 2003
1. (Noun) The hearty laugh of a gentleman.

2. (Verb) To laugh heartily like a gentleman.

3. (Adverb) An enjoyable and humorous time shared among gentlemen.
William fuffled at the joke the Queen of England had told.

T'was a fuffling good time, old chap!
by ctcmjh October 11, 2011
A sweet confectionary that is nearly fudge and nearly truffle.
Not as gritty as fudge but firmer than truffle.
That fuffle is soooo smooth!
by Gary Davis October 11, 2007
It basically means trouble.
"Well, we're in a bit of a fuffle, here!"
by oopadoopa June 15, 2009
This means passing gas; it's a baby word.
Oh, the baby made a little fuffle.
by First Name November 24, 2007
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