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9 definitions by foggy

It's uncomfortable and there's this big hot thing in the sky and there are other people that you sometimes have to talk to.
I don't want to go outside
by Foggy October 02, 2003
1821 179
Possibly the funniest and most awesomely kickass human being ever. Writes, which never updates. Still, there are lots of old articles.
seanbaby rocks my face.
by Foggy September 19, 2003
67 37
3. (mostly) 80s nostalgia website run by Matt. Has some great articles. Focus on Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, etc.
Why does everyone think x-e is a porn site
by Foggy September 19, 2003
33 5
A much better Half-Life mod than Counter-Strike. Involves fast twitch gunplay, slow motion, Matrixy dives and acrobatics, and generally sweet style.
Abbreviated TS.
"Are you playing TS?"
"I play CS"
"You suck"
by Foggy September 12, 2003
26 12
A knght can take a pwn in chess.
"pwn j00"
"knght j00 back"
by Foggy September 19, 2003
9 0
Roggle (form of roffle form of rofl) combined with lol. The new, in way to laugh at shit.
"I tell a funny joke!"
by Foggy December 12, 2003
5 2
Word I made up. It doesn't mean anything.. yet.
what the fuffle?
by foggy October 30, 2003
16 21