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v. the act of slapping a member of the female gender across the face region with an erect penis, usually resulting in a mushroom-shaped imprint on the slapped area.
I fudunked her good last night across the face region with my erect penis, and then developed a sudden and unexplainable urge for some mushrooms.
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
The act of hitting someone in the face with a penis.
I fedunked the bitch when she refused to give me head.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
Full Unit Designation UNKnown. Decades-old military acronym.
Wash the mud offa that FUDUNK Jeep on the double!
by clea023 April 23, 2006
v., what happens to you when you take a very hard test (in school, standardized, or otherwise) and afterward you feel mentally exhausted and brain-fried
Man, that BC Calculus exam fudunked really bad yesterday; I am not ready to start studying for the AP Chem test yet.
by Winsi May 06, 2004
An exclamation that a male screams when he is constipated.
Fudunk! I haven't crapped in four days.
by joe February 05, 2004
okay look people, this word does not mean smacking someone with your penis.
That word would be mushroom slap. So click on mushroom slap and you will see the real definition.
I should mushroom slap the person who thinks fudunk means "to smack in the face with ones penis"
How dare you
by drew s. August 04, 2004
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