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v. the act of slapping a member of the female gender across the face region with an erect penis, usually resulting in a mushroom-shaped imprint on the slapped area.
I fudunked her good last night across the face region with my erect penis, and then developed a sudden and unexplainable urge for some mushrooms.
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
n. the combination of testicles and a vagina, possessed usually by a hemaphrodite, the international symbol for which is a V formed by the index and middle finger of the left hand, devided by the index finger of the right hand.
that shemale has huge vagesticles
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
adj. without pants
After experiencing a violent depantsing, I found myself in a nopants mood.
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
adj. possessing qualities similar or identical to that of a piece of diamond jewelry in need of shining; also; a state of former bling-blingage, but no longer in said state as a result of severe deblingification.
that muddy ice sho' is bling blung, homes.
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
n. A game played in a raquetball court by three super awesome dudes with a ping-pong ball and 3 ping-pong raquets.
1. All players must collide the ball with a wall before play is activated.

2. Once play is activated, the ball must be hit above the "crease line" into the rectangular rectangle in the middle of the court.

3. The smaller rectangular rectangles on the sides of the large rectangular rectangle to not count as "goal zones"

4. The large rectangular rectangle may not be occupied by any one player for more than two steps or three seconds, unless the desired result of steping in the large rectangular rectangle is to block the goal of another, in which case three steps and five seconds are allowed.

5. Play continues until one player has reached a total of eleven points, or until the raquetball court is siezed by large ugly demons possessing human bodies.
Hey dude, let's go play ping-ball at the rec unless somebody else has the court.
by SuperCameron March 29, 2003
v. to make a person funky, usually by means of a funky song or music line
That song really funkitized me, ergo, I am now funky. fool.
by SuperCameron March 28, 2003
n. a combination of a rat and a hobo, often found dwelling in the sewers.
OH MY GOD a ratbo is eating my vagesticles!
by SuperCameron March 29, 2003

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